Kingsby London offers a range of investment gold bars accessible to every budget and a modern design sensibility that appeals to a wide audience. Kingsby bars are independently certified by the Assay Office London, the first UK government regulated Assay office established in 1478. Our ingots bear the world renowned Leopard’s head hallmark also historically known as the ‘Kings Mark’.

Kingsby Diamonds is our online platform specialising in fine gem-set jewellery. We offer our customers the ability to customise their own diamond engagement ring and wedding band according to their personal taste, style and budget. Our engagement rings come in a range of desirable settings in silver, platinum, white, yellow and rose gold.

Why Kingsby London

We do not rely on self-certification, unlike other producers of investment grade gold. Our gold products carry the hallmark of an independent UK government-regulated assay office.

We control our supply chain and outsource the production process to world class refineries. This allows us to eliminate long production lead times which can be typical within the industry.

Our UK based refinery partner was founded at the dawn of the industrial revolution in 1760. Now into its fourth century of trading, our refinery has maintained a long history of integrity and commercial strength.

We also partner with reliable third party service providers to deliver finished products as scheduled. Our clients around the world receive a high level of personal service and all transactions are dealt with confidentially, giving them that extra peace of mind.

Security and Instant Authentication

We offer the highest level of security packaging available. Once our gold ingot cases are sealed together, two proprietary elements enclose a transparent security film impressed with a luminescent graphic pattern extended underneath the ingot. This pattern is detectable at every moment by inspection under UV light through the transparent window on the seal card. The security of this film guarantees the origin of the sealed ingot and the authenticity of the case.

Anyone who has a Smartphone can simply download our app to authenticate the security mark on our ingot cases at anytime. Thanks to the highly optimized algorithms and the high speed of smartphone processors & networks, the authentication results can be obtained within a few seconds, assuring the end consumer that the product is the genuine article.

Our packaging is made from optical quality polyester which is a material fully recyclable, environmentally friendly and non-toxic. Furthermore, polyester preserves gold, silver and platinum against oxidisation.

Our Mission

Our mission is to make certified investment gold accessible and affordable to the public.

“Gold is money, everything else is credit, and once you realize this you’ll never be poor again.” – JP Morgan